My Beret, My Fur and My Debt, a Love Story

WOAHhhHH, hi… *picture me doing my signature move: turning to the side, shoulder up to chin, brow raise, eye close, slight closed-mouth smirk, lips purse, and lower* (you don’t know

A Family Vacation- Disconnected- Constipated

To set an image of reference, this is a real-time, Photobooth image of myself writing this damaging self-critique, poolside, in a sweatsuit, in Mexico. She’s a looker, ain’t she? A true Betty.  A digital detox, AKA the phenomena that grace’s the cover of Woman’s Heath with a sporty, manufactured-mid-laugh-smiling Gillian Continue Reading

A (Gruelling) Editorial Critique of my Favourite Celebrity Mugshots

I take my art soooooo freakin seriously. So seriously that today, I confined myself to the 4 ‘off-white’ walls of my botanical themed room until I could bang out an absolute KILLER post. So KILLER, in fact, Carrie would have to say, “THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET”, like she Continue Reading


I’ve got nothing to say. I’m tired. Leave me alone. Bye.     Alright. Fine. I’ll come up with something (because I’m so dedicated to pursuing my artistic abilities, not because it’s mandatory I finish this by Tuesday for school). GOD, I just love expressing how I feel, even when my soul is numb Continue Reading